Dry-Fast Breathing Brush

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Aren't you just fed up of the time you need to take to dry your hair fully before you leave?

Then there is styling, which requires you to spend ages on your hair alone, not to mention the damage blow dryers and styling tools cause to your hair...

Wouldn't it be nice, if drying and styling your hair took half the time, allowing you to spend all those extra minutes daydreaming about the wonderful person you're about to meet, or having a long lay in bed before work for that matter;) ?!

Our dry-fast microfibre brush allows you to save half the time blow drying and styling your locks. Its unique design allows the air to circulate through the brush, whilst the highly absorbent fibers literally pull out the moist from your hair. 


Result - healthy, shiny hair ready in minutes. Just the way you like it. And plenty of time to go about your day, doing the things you enjoy most!

Get yours now in PINK or BLUE color version and get this off your head.



  •  Absorbent microfibre bristles eliminate 39% of water for faster styling
  • Massage beads promote blood circulation and help effectively remove dandruff
  • Easy to clean micro-fiber prevents the growth of bacteria on the brush. 
  • Side ventilation for maximum airflow. 
  • Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue when blow drying. 


Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.