3D Nail Stickers - Pink Flowers Design/Nail Art

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Those beautiful nail art stickers are perfect if you want to achieve a 3 dimensional, stunning manicure. This is a perfect finish both for every day casual wear and for a night out. Don't wait any longer and get those compliments on your nails! 

12 patterns to choose from! (pick your desired one upon checkout)

How to use:

1. Trim, clean the nails and paint them with the colour of your choice
2. Cut out the design , remove the film lid of product
3. Put into water for 10-20 seconds ( use warm water in winter )
4. Slide out the bottom plate (remove the bottom plate)
5. Using tweezers or a gentle touch place the water transfer in desired position on your nail
6. Get rid of excess water with a tissue
7. Apply top coat for best results 
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