Pedi Pen

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This elegant nifty device is a state of the art pedicure grinder! With its slick design and portability, you might think it is not powerful..?

You couldn't be further from the truth! The 3W high-power electromechanical roller swiftly removes dead skin, thick growth, and even foot pads or thick nails. 


  • beautiful, discreet design -  it is so modern and feminine, it makes us blush
  • Fast charging by USB and up to 45 minutes of work time! Energy Saver! 
  • LED lights positioned from the top of the mill for better visibility
  • Durable and made of sturdy ABS - contrary to its looks, this will be your best pedicure file for years to come
  • Comes in three charming colors for you to choose from


Want replacement heads? Go here to add some to your purchase.


Exfoliate your feet in style! Give that bit of luxury to your feet. 


Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery