Adjustable LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

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This tabletop vanity mirror is an excellent alternative to all the old, outdated flip mirrors, that we all used up until now. 

No more problems seeing all the details

- 16 or 20 LED dimmable lights will give you plenty of light for that perfect makeup finish. 

- crystal clear surface with no distortion effect

- magnifying detachable mirror for a 10x bigger view

Very stable and convenient

- sturdy stand preventing it from falling or moving on the table

- tiny stand shelf for your makeup to put in makes it a very practical tool

Rotatable design allows you to see yourself in different angles

Comes in two color variants - black or white.

Comes in two versions - 16LED lights or 20LED lights.

A touchscreen makes it easy to control the amount of light. 


NOTE: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.