The importance of facial exercises

In this time and age, it is common, that we put a strong emphasis on caring for our bodies by exercising. We have access to countless diets and exercise regimes. All carry a promise of amazing results for a lean, strong body.

The main goal is to look good, but also for longevity and happiness. After all, we all want our bodies to be a “well-oiled machine”, that will allow us to be and do that, what makes us happy.

With the expansion of awareness of what brings us closer to our health goals, we are more likely to make informed choices on choosing both the best foods that serve us as an individual, as well as exercise programmes that will bring us satisfying results aligned with what we aim to achieve.

 With that being said, have you ever wondered why are we more focused on our bodies, and we don’t really talk about our faces all that much?

 Have you asked yourself a question, even once...
How do Hollywood stars or wealthy people manage to keep their appearance smooth and youthful-looking for a surprisingly long time?
Finally, are you one of those people, who immediately thought
- lots of money
- expensive treatments
- and surgeries, as an answer to my previous question?


Well then, stick with me as I let you in on a secret.

You will be able to enjoy a healthy, radiant complexion and help your face stay young and smooth. Additionally, you'll begin making informed choices starting today.


 Why are facial exercises important?

When we think of a care routine for our face, the first thing that comes to mind is proper hygiene and usage of products suitable for our skin. That IS very important and plays a significant role in achieving a vibrant and healthy look, but that’s not what I wanted to touch upon in this article.

There are a few things that make up a comprehensive routine for your face to glow from the moment you wake up all through to when you rest your head to sleep again: healthy diet (for ex. vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids), good hygiene, well matched products for your skins’ needs, fresh water and clean air, but also exercise routines for facial muscles, that are getting more and more attention throughout the recent years.  

If you want your face to look young and beautiful for long years to come, all the parts mentioned above should be taken into consideration, but what I would like to focus upon is the latter.

What is so revolutionary in exercising your face and why exactly should you incorporate this into your daily facial care routine?

As you probably know, there are about 57 muscles on your face and neck alone (20 main muscles on the face) which, if taken care of regularly, are keeping your face toned and tightened which in plain terms means less or no wrinkles, an even skin tone, firmer jawline and a list of other benefits, that I will mention in a moment.

In one of their reports about three years ago, CNN mentions:

 "Under the skin, there is an area of fatty tissue called the subcutaneous layer. It diminishes with age. The loss of this area contributes to decreased firmness, giving facial skin an older, tired look.

Exercising the facial muscles tones and lifts the skin because your facial muscles are attached to your skin and the bone like a web that forms the shape of your face…”

They carry on, based on a statement from a “face fitness” company based in Manhattan, NY that: “Through the massages and resistance training, muscles in the face become stronger and taut, rejuvenating the appearance of the face."

  Following the statement, despite there not being a control group research formed yet, several studies made confirmed, that in all test groups where facial exercises have been used, results have been undisputable – all nine study groups confirmed the effectiveness of exercises for facial rejuvenation, and some people even contest they would like the technique to a natural facelift.

Even if you are sceptical about the wondrous advantages of face exercises, there is nothing for you to lose and as Valeria Georgescu, a face-exercise guru in Washington, D.C., and creator of FACE (Facial Activation Conscious Engagement) Val-U, told Slate when asked about scientific research, "Try it for a month, five minutes a day, and that's your research."

Below are some of the established benefits of facial exercises (bear in mind this list is NOT exhaustive):

  • Your facial muscles play a key role in the contouring and shaping of your face (facial exercises help tone and tighten these muscles, which will support your skin and prevent sagging)
  • Exercises improve Facial Muscle tone for speech therapy (used in disorders like Hypotonia and autism)
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Decrease the number of headaches
  • Decrease teeth grinding
  • A lower possibility of eyestrain
  • A lesser amount of neck stiffness and pain

To finish off, I think we can easily conclude that all the attention given to facial exercises in the past few years is not just another “craze”, but an actual revolution that makes our daily beauty routines deliciously whole.

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