Shipping Rates Confusion

Dear Pica Pica Beauty customers,


It has come to our attention there was an error when applying shipping rates for our SUPER OFFER products (Free offers from social media platforms). We would like to sincerely apologize and let you know the matter has already been resolved and rates adjusted accordingly. 


At the same time We would like to answer your questions as to why you are paying shipping rates when the product is advertised as free...

The reason we are asking you to pay a small shipping fee is because our products are being shipped from one of our warehouses situated abroad. Therefore We need to pay our employees who are happily packing and shipping your products straight to your door :) We hope this is not a big inconvenience for you, after all you get to receive all those goodies for free :) 


We are sorry if our ads created any confusion and asking You - our lovely customers - for understanding and We sincerely hope every visit to our store is an uttermost pleasure. 


Thank you for shopping with us.

Pica Pica Beauty

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