You probably know (If You're our email subscriber that is!;)), every week until mid-May, one of our products get a special feature - which means you will either get to read an article connected with that particular product, you'll get an email about a giveaway or a freebie, but most importantly you'll have a chance to see a ton of new products at our shop being added gradually every day (so keep on refreshing that page;)). 


This week it's time for Makeup Brushes! 

I am particularly happy, as these are the most important products in our shop - mainly because they were the core of Pica Pica Beauty and a reason for the shop to exist in the first place!

E-mail subscribers will, of course, get the full scoop right to their inbox, but if you're not subscribed, be sure to check our social media for certain highlights, or alternatively, keep refreshing our page in the MakeUp Accessories Collection :)


Have an amazing week ahead! It's almost Easter (we all get to have a tiny breather) - so happy time overall! 



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