Little Princess

Hi friends,

My apologies for not writing for quite a long time, but just so you know, I was busy working out best deals possible for all of you and I promise to come back with some cool content more frequently:) 

Just recently, a friend of mine contacted me (giving me an outstanding idea), that she's looking for some cute makeup brushes for her little daughter, as she intends to create a fake makeup studio for her(what an awesome mom!) to play with - like an old mirror, glitter in a box for fake eyeshadow, etc. She also had her own agenda, for her daughter to stop sneaking up on her actual makeup box;)

I started thinking and looking over the internet - are things like that common, do mommies of little girls even have any choice when it comes to creating little makeup sets for their babies. I had to look, as my boy will definitely not be interested in that sort of thing, ever:P I learned two things whilst searching - that YES! there is demand for that sort of things and two: there really isn't much to choose from. I knew that even if mommies are looking to find something really awesome in terms of makeup brushes, they would still have to ensure they are made of safe materials, to avoid skin problems like rashes etc. Afterall, they would touch their babies' tiny faces....

Unfortunately, one excluded the other. Nice looking brushes were not necessarily focused on safety, and the safe ones looked all the same to me. I, therefore, got onto my phone and proceeded to contact my manufacturers for answers, and guess what! It WAS doable after all!!:D

Quickly I started ordering samples and checking the quality of proposed products, and I believe I've found a few that might be to your liking:):):):) 

So if you're a mommy who, like a friend of mine, want to give your little lady that first beauty kit and would like it to please the eye also( in addition to being safe), check out our new Little Princess Range :)

For all the little Princesses in us x 


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