Hi Friends, 

I would like to personally thank ALL: our customers, visitors, people who passed by to look at our shop or our products, all our suppliers and people working hard at our warehouses to deliver great products to our customers. 

This has been a truly amazing year for me here at Pica Pica Beauty, and it all would NOT be possible without YOU beautiful people and your support!!!

I truly hope you get to spend this Christmas with your loved ones, surrounded by joy and laughter. I hope this is a time of reflection, relaxation and getting all the presents you dreamed of just like my dream was made come true by bringing Pica Pica Beauty out to people all around the world. 

Have a beautiful Christmas and I hope I managed to bring some value to everyone who connected with us this year. 

Merry Christmas!!

Have a great one. 



Family Christmas tree Pica Pica Beauty

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