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Hi guys, hope your Friday 13th is going great:D

This post is going to be personal as I just need to vent about something that outraged me in the past few days. 

I ordered an item online from a well-known site. I always pay upfront to ensure quick despatch and I also believe good and swift communication between the store and customer ensures a pleasant experience (well, most of the time). My parcel was supposed to arrive on a Monday, which was not entirely suitable as I'm away from my address on Mondays but I've figured out, that my neighbor (who is great btw) will collect it on my behalf so all will be fine. 

Unfortunately, to my astonishment, I received a "parcel was delivered" notification, the problem was - it was signed by me! (even though it is not physically possible), so I contacted the courier service to resolve the matter. Long story short - it has been almost a week, 20 phone calls away, two emails with courier and about seven with the actual shop that sold the product parcel nor information! You can imagine my frustration! What made me really angry though was the fact, that the company selling the product completely dismissed my inquiry to do something about it and advised me to: "chase the matter with the carrier"!!!!! 

Obviously, I found that answer completely unsatisfactory and quite rude, as a matter of fact, as a business owner myself I felt that we as sellers have a code of conduct to ensure we ALWAYS strive to help our customers if there is an uncertain situation. 

It made me, nevertheless, look closer into my relationships with manufacturers and carriers as I would never dismiss my customers or make them chase after the undelivered product. Maybe there is a lesson there, but I can assure you, that I completely understand that situations like that frustrate and I've put some security measures in place to make sure it is never the case with PPB. 

Aside of our live tracking tool, that tells you EXACTLY where the parcel is (without the need for update times), we made sure our customer service is as helpful as possible and never to dismiss customer queries. After all, we all value our time and money.

The silver lining is another lesson learned. 


Wish you a great weekend ahead,



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