Hey everybody,


Hope you are having an amazing time getting into that Christmas spirit (how did it go so quick?)?

I wanted to update you on some amazing changes, that Pica Pica Beauty will be going through behind the scenes, whilst everyone else is going to be celebrating throughout that magical, family period...

It doesn't necessarily mean I won't be celebrating - in fact, me and my son, we're packing our suitcases and hopping on a plane to visit our family, but I always have my PPB family in mind at all times, so...

Firstly, within days time I have something absolutely incredible lined up for you guys. I'm launching a special sale of our SIGNATURE PICA PICA BEAUTY MAKEUP BRUSHES! (eeek!) You need to be watching our posts like a hawk though, as this is going to be a LIMITED EDITION especially for all of you late Christmas gifts shoppers (and do not worry about shipping times) - I've ensured that all of you receive those quicker just in time for Christmas) :D 

The second announcement refers to a couple new exciting collections created on demand of our customers (Yes! I take all of your ideas very seriously) - look out for our emails and social media posts to find out exactly what they are going to be! Those will surely show up early 2018.

Thirdly, there is going to be a fun new feature available on the website, starting January, where you will be able to play and win one of our randomly selected products completely FREE of charge - and I do mean FREE :D

Speaking of on the lookout for our FREE, just pay shipping offers circulating on Facebook, starting end of this year, where you will be able to get your hands on our selected products much much much...cheaper;)

There are also a few new features coming up (including designing your own jewelry items), that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!



The best way you can keep up with all those amazing changes and get even more interesting content is subscribing to our mailing list!! (You can do this by submitting your details in the provided subscription box at the bottom of our Home Page.


Ok my lovelies,

Enjoy the start of the BEST festive season of the year (my subjective opinion)!!!



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