The Knots

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Have you found yourself buying a beautiful throw on cardigan just to wear it very occasionally, as it slips off of your shoulders most of the time? 

I've got this lovely long sweater-like cardigan, that I absolutely adore, but what I don't like is continuously fixing it at my shoulders, even with the slightest wind...

I even thought of sewing on buttons (which would completely defy the objective), until I found those awesome buckles, that is! :)

Can You relate at all?

"The Knots" buckles have a more official feel to them. Two eco-leather side clips remind of shoulder strap holders, which are used to sew ranks to them, whilst a metal cross-buckle provides for a sturdy and easy connection for two sides of a shawl, cardigan or jacket. 

Completely your style?! 

Now you can get yours in a matter of a few clicks - just choose your preferred color before proceeding to checkout!


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