Roots - 10pcs Set

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Don't You Just Love Spring? 

The Plants popping their little heads out of the ground, birds singing cheerfully till late hours of the evening, flowers blooming...freshness. 

 Mother Nature just knows its way about things. No matter what the circumstance, it just knows how to work with the flow of forever changing seasons...

I find myself besotted with the way things evolve and change naturally. 

How about You?

Don't you find yourself entranced by the beauty of our planet?

Do You find time to be grateful, for how amazing it is to be living in such a reality?

Can You appreciate the views and the experiences You've got? 


I know it's a deep subject, one that needs to be explored deeper to be fully appreciated, but I dare you to think about it for a second. Breathe deeply, and think of three things that you find amazing in your own life right now - I bet you will find much more immediately!  

These beautiful brushes were created as a tribute to our planet.

They symbolize and show the beauty of nature in its raw, yet an incredibly decorative state. 

 Carefully crafted and covered in beautiful colors, they make you sigh just by looking at them. 

Made with a skin-kind synthetic fiber, in an eco and animal-friendly manner, those brushes are bound to make you look lovely, without compromising the loveliness of our surroundings. 

And as a cherry on top - it has that fluffy, super soft feel, that we all learned to love! 

 Want them all to Yourself? ]:>

Choose between "Roots" or "Leaves" and enjoy Spring every day - no matter the season! 


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