Blow-dry Monkey

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Don't you just hate those long minutes spent waiting until your freshly applied nail polish dry up?

That feeling of anxiety, when what should be a really quick beauty routine turns into an annoying waiting game. 

Sometimes you just can't wait any longer, you go about your day touching things in a gentle, soft way not to...


All your waiting and hard work goes to waste as you've just smeared, cracked or otherwise damaged your sought after manicure. The Cringing feeling!

Sounds familiar? 

We know it all too well...that's why we're more than excited to present to you this cute little device, pet named by us: the  "Blow-dry Monkey".

  • Commodity Quality Certification: CE 
  • works with 2xAAA batteries (not included)


Know someone who would love this? Get it as a perfect gift!

This is sure to put a smile on people, who'd rather do anything else than wait for the paint (or in this case nail polish) to dry ;D


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