Little Princess 5pcs Cosmetic Kit

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Are you looking for a small and cute makeup set for your little princess and her first makeup kit? You're in the right place as Pica Pica Beauty think it's important to give them a chance to explore the world of beauty without them raging on your own makeup box, and with a safe, non-allergenic product (synthetic fibre), that will fit in their little hands and make them feel all grown up :) 

Please browse through our Little Princess range to choose something suitable for your little madam. 

Below featuring our nylon white handle 5 pieces set, with cartoon-like doodles all over. Consists of face, eyes, lips and brow brush for your little one to play with. Safe synthetic bristles ensure the safety of their sensitive skin. Comes in red and blue - choose your favorite before adding to cart.


Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.