16 Nail Polish Stickers - Latte

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Pica Pica Beauty presents an outstanding selection of self-adhesive, real nail polish stickers! 

Not a fan of long and boring manicure sessions? 

Would you like to create wonderful looking nails in minutes at the comfort of your own home? 

Quick, lasting and impressive manicure for everyone with a revolutionary three-step system...

1. Choose your desired colour of stickers and apply them to your nails.

2. File to shape the nail in your favorite way.

3. Apply top coat for a lasting look. 

There it is and you're ready to go! No more waiting for your nail polish layers to dry, no more fuss. Safe for nails - it doesn't damage your nail's natural layer. Easy-peasy! 

Go ahead and try yours now! You'll love it so much, you will never go back to traditional nail polish! BOOM :) Add to cart quickly, this HOT sale item will sell out faster than you can do your nails!;) 


For best result follow the instruction below:

Pica Pica Beauty sticker polish application 

How to remove:

1. Soak in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes.

2. Gently peel off the edge until adhesive bond separates. 


NOTE: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.