Laser FWMT Remover

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Do you struggle with warts? Perhaps you have too many freckles or moles you would like to get rid of?

This incredible freckle and mole remover is an absolute wonder pen! It works exactly like carbon dioxide beauty treatments in a professional salon. It uses low temperature and high-frequency discharge, that slightly burns the treated area - the microvascular is solidified without any bleeding, and will then need to be treated for 2-3 days* as a normal wound. After that period a scab will form and fall off without leaving any scar. 


- the wound should be kept clean but dry!

- Avoid too much contact with water throughout the healing process.

- Also, please remember this is a process of burning out skin cells - if approaching a bigger part of the skin (like a deep mole or tattoo) you need to be aware it will take a longer time and should never be approached in one session (to avoid burning the skin!

- skin afterward should not be wiped, rather pat dry with a clean towel


- SAFE - This device, when used correctly is very safe to use and convenient. It is powered by the latest technology microcomputer. 

- PORTABLE - It's small, comes with a great storage box, so it's easy to store and carry.

- CLEAR UP YOUR SKIN - It has three types of intensity for different levels of treatment: lower level used on spots and freckles; high-intensity level is used on moles and skin tags

- ION laser technology prevents bleeding and won't hurt your skin

- LONG-LASTING BATTERY - one charge lasts for up to 5 hours of use

- LOVELY DESIGN - comes in two color variants - please choose before adding to cart

- EASY TO USE - Comes with an instruction manual

- MULTIFUNCTIONAL - It can even painlessly remove small tattoos!!! 


NOTE: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.