PPB Laser Acne Removal Pen

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I can say, from my own perspective, that struggling with acne is both embarrassing and uncomfortable...  

It imposes a lot of problems and doesn't end on the visual aspect itself. 

Thankfully, we have a lot more options to fight it nowadays. Amazing state of the art technology, like this blue light treatment pen, puts us in charge and makes it a lot easier to get rid of skin problems altogether from the comfort of our own home for "pennies on the dollar". 

The three-step technology combines different rays of light to tackle the whole acne healing process quickly and efficiently: heating wavelength blue light treats and removes acne from the skin surface, heating wavelength red light reduces acne marks, and green light prevents from further skin problems showing up on your skin. 

- Effective 1,2,3 solution for acne prone skin

- Acne removed as quick as 2-3 days (1 week for reducing the visibility of scars/marks)

- CE approved - safe for your skin, no side effects

- rejuvenates skin, giving back it's healthy glow

- battery operated (batteries not included)


Disclaimer: Please remember that in severe cases it is always better to consult your doctor or physician before starting any skin treatments, as symptoms may be the cause of a more serious illness. Results of treatment may vary.  


NOTE: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery