Black Buffalo Massaging Wide Teeth Comb

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This incredible, pure handmade wide teeth special comb is made of black buffalo horn and will be one of the rarest items in your beauty box. This true gem and highly functional comb boasts a series of features (read below):

- made of high quality, natural materials - not just a standard plastic comb

- beautiful make and easy to hold - 17cm in length and round finish ensures a pleasurable experience of holding this comb in your hand

- U-shaped groove is safe for the hair, which prevents pulling the hair out when brushing

- Rounded comb teeth are gentle for your scalp and ensure the best experience 

- Our brand logo printed on the handle - we give our brand name that this is the BEST quality product sent directly to your door. 

!!!!! Because this is a product made of natural material you need to ensure that it is stored and used in a proper way. Please read the guidelines below for CARING AND STORAGE TIPS:


  • Natural goods and wood goods need to be kept away from the source of direct sunlight, high temperature and exposure to any acid and alkali corrosion
  • Be careful for the product not to fall on the ground from a high distance
  • Do not soak in water for a long time to prevent product deformation
  • Store in a shady, cool place
  • Maintenance: In dry climate coat the comb surface with olive oil or hand cream 
  • Cleaning: Wash gently with water and the dry with a paper towel, can apply olive oil for protection afterward


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please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery 

*(We make sure that all our products reach you as quickly as possible, but due to our warehouses being located around the world, this is a time frame that we give for any product to reach any location)